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The loss of a job can be a traumatic, life-changing event. Suddenly losing the income you depend on to cover your financial obligations, along with feeling intense anger and embarrassment, can be challenging to manage. Fortunately, the state of Arizona has wrongful termination laws in place that are designed to protect employees and their families in these stressful situations through a wrongful termination attorney in Tucson or Yuma, Arizona.

What is an at-will employee?

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, it’s important to understand the term “at-will employee.” When you are considered an at-will employee, your employer can terminate you at any time and for any reason, without the fear of legal consequences. However, there are some exceptions. They include:

Wrongful Termination Attorney Yuma AZ

Public Policy

In most cases, your employer cannot terminate you because you filed a worker’s compensation claim or refused to break the law, engage in discrimination or lie under oath.

Implied Contract

An implied or unwritten contract between you and your employer may prohibit them from terminating you. An example would be if your employer verbally promised you a promotion or job security, and those promises were unfulfilled.

Written Contract

Employees in executive or upper management positions often have written contracts of employment. If you were fired in violation of the terms of this agreement, it could be considered wrongful termination.

Constructive Discharge

If your employer purposely created an intolerable work environment by reasonable standards and left you no choice but to resign, you may have a wrongful termination case.

What to do after being fired

If you believe your former employer broke the law when they discharged you, act quickly to ensure your protection. Immediately after your termination, it’s important to:

Wrongful Termination Attorney Yuma AZ

Contact an attorney

Contact our department for wrongful termination lawyer in Tucson or Tucson at Shultz & Rollins immediately. By retaining representation right away, you can make sure that every step you make moving forward is lawful, considered and in your best interest.

Ask why you were fired

Your attorney will likely advise you to contact your former employer to ask why you were discharged from your position. If this conversation is in person, take notes. If possible, request that the reason for your termination is put in writing.

Request your personnel file

Request copies of your personnel file, which may contain crucial evidence that supports your case. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining this information, your Yuma and Tucson wrongful termination attorney at Shultz & Rollins can subpoena the file as part of your lawsuit.

Record relevant information about your experience

Write down key information that supports your case. First, list the names and contact information of key people involved in your termination, along with any prior statements they made about your performance and future at the company. Also, write down the names and contact information of your colleagues who may serve as witnesses.

We’re on your side.

Our Tucson wrongful termination lawyer Department at Shultz & Rollins have over 90 years of combined experience helping people like you fight back after being improperly discharged by an employer. We have successfully handled countless wrongful termination cases for our clients – and we know how to make sure you receive the fair and just compensation you deserve.

Damages in a wrongful termination case

If you successfully bring a suit against your former employer for wrongful termination, you may be compensated for the losses you’ve experienced due to the employer’s actions. Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to recover:

Wrongful Termination Attorney Yuma AZ

Lost pay

Your former employer may be required to compensate you for earnings you lost due to your termination. This may include earned and unpaid wages, overtime, and other forms of compensation.

Lost benefits

In losing your job, you will also lose medical and dental insurance, pension and 401K plans, stock options, and profit sharing. Our Yuma and Tucson wrongful termination attorneys can help you assign a dollar value to these losses.

Emotional distress

Also known as “pain and suffering,” these damages may be awarded if the employer behaved in a way that caused you significant emotional distress.

Punitive damages

If your employer’s actions were particularly egregious, you may be awarded punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended to punish the employer and dissuade others from behaving similarly in the future.

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