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For over three decades, Shultz & Rollins, Ltd. has exclusively dedicated its efforts to the causes of consumers and ordinary people in cases involving personal injury and death due to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Defective Products, Medical Negligence, Nursing Home Negligence/Abuse, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals. Our law offices strive to achieve the highest standard of excellence in representing our clients in these areas. We have a long-standing history of million and multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements. In order to successfully prosecute these types of cases we agree to represent only a select number of people at any one time.

Our attorneys have earned the reputation in the legal community as skilled, tough litigators, which has produced these extraordinary results for our clients. Our reputation as an unrelenting adversary and very successful law firm was earned by refusing to cave-in to unsatisfactory settlement offers and going to trial when the matter was not successfully settled. Our adversaries, as well as insurance company representatives, know we prepare each case for trial. You may rest assured that your case is being handled by lawyers who are taken very seriously by their opponents. Our mission is to use all available legal means to force the responsible party to do the right thing and fully compensate our clients for their damages.

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These types of cases require large financial and time commitments. An extremely small number of law firms are prepared to spend the kind of time and money Shultz & Rollins, Ltd. often does in order to achieve such extraordinary results for our clients. Case preparation can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having the financial strength and the willingness to use it is often the difference in prevailing in any given case. Since our clients pay no costs until the case is concluded, our opponents know that a firm of our reputation and skill has invested the time and money needed to prosecute your case and will take the case to trial unless a satisfactory settlement is reached.

If you have suffered or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or a death, it is important that you hire a law firm and personal injury lawyers that offer dedication, compassion and experience. At Shultz & Rollins, Ltd., we offer these qualities to our clients. Please take a few moments to learn about your rights and how an experienced and effective personal injury law firm can help you obtain justice and the appropriate compensation after a significant injury or death.

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