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Our Constitution guarantees equal access to the courts for individuals as well as corporations. It allows ordinary Americans and businesses to utilize the Judicial Branch to protect themselves from wrongdoing, negligent and/or intentional, and from interference with other rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights such as liberty, property, privacy, protection, speech and assembly. This remarkable document even allows people to challenge government with the guarantee of a fair hearing.

In the United States, juries composed of ordinary citizens, not legislators, decide questions of damages in cases and controversies, as provided under Amendment VII to the United States Constitution. Jurors decide damages without restriction other than reasonableness and fairness as interpreted by a trial judge. In this way, all cases are judged on their merits rather than a "one size fits all" basis. Under this system, damages can made to fit the particular circumstances of each case and reflect the size and resources of the wrongdoer.

Amendment VI of our Constitution guarantees those same rights to people accused of crimes. In this country, we trust citizen juries to determine guilt or innocence rather than trusting tribunals composed of government officials.

Trial by Jury, Shultz & Rollins, Ltd

Our Constitutional Rights are unique. No one but we Americans have them. They must be jealously guarded and defended. If not, these precious liberties will be lost or worse, given away by politicians with anti-jury slogans.

At Shultz and Rollins, we not only believe in the American Constitution, we utilize it and defend it every day. Our clients deserve nothing less. It is their birthright as American citizens. To find out the truth about insurance companies and the medical malpractice insurance crisis visit Public Citizen.

Trial by Jury, Shultz & Rollins, Ltd

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